It's a strange world..

UGGH I’m sorry i hate this kind of instabilities and making sad-face text post about it but yeah you got me. Thank you for your messages. I WON’T DELETE THIS BLOG BUT NO MORE UPDATES.

I wanted to let you know that i’m going to delete this blog in a few days… I feel sad because it’s been almost a year, i remember the times we only have a few stills. It was a pleasure to share this experience with you and to feel the same excitement. But honestly i don’t have enough time for two blogs anymore. I was always alone in this and i tried to keep it up but now i’m having a hard time. I’m letting you know just because having you time for checking/saving my graphics if you want to.

this is my main blog I’ll be there. If you wanna keep following me you can check it. Since i won’t have a The Host blog anymore i’ll probably make things in there. But hearthorne a multifandom/personal blog, you’ve been warned!

SO this fandom always will be the best for me. The most respectful one. Thank you to my thousands of followers for sticking with me. I love you. Take care.

I have just made films that have done well and I have been lucky in that way. I love being somewhere like Ireland because it’s such a grounded place and nobody makes a great fuss of you


this is the future and humanity is all but extinct. 
we have been invaded by another species.